Buying a house? Make sure the architect is on your side.

Buying a house? Make sure the architect is on your side.


A common issue we face here at C.F.L Architects Engineers & Consultants, but is also a general problem faced by all architectural firms here in Cyprus, is the in-differences found in comparison to contractors and their work ethics when dealing with a new project, especially when it’s someone’s home.

Most Contractors / manufacturers are not interested in the appearance or quality of materials in a design, their main interest when taking on a new project is the financial transaction vs design and experience, and this is a poor way to deal with the process of building a new home. There is a competitive relationship due to the feeling that architects do not share the same values ​​and goals with other industries involved. Very often these companies perceive the contributions of architects as costly, unnecessary and time consuming.

When we talk about such companies that in most cases have profit as their primary goal, then it is difficult to build trust between the customer and the company they are partnering with. That’s why it’s necessary for the client to personally find an architect or civil engineer to partner with and act as a mediator or as an individual when building a new construction.




An Architect or Civil Engineer knows the process required from the beginning of the design, to the construction and finally to the implementation of the residence. It constantly requires cooperation and communication in order to reach the client’s needs but also to build trust within the partnership. Based on the needs and the pre-determined budget, an architect proceeds to create a result that will benefit and satisfy all the interested parties of the project.

Our aim here at C.F.L Architects Engineers & Consultants is to build a trusted relationship with our clients from the start of the project and help guide, support, advise and consult along the construction procedure, ensuring the best possible result between all parties involved.



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