Renovating your space?

Renovating your space?

See why you need an expert architect to help you with the process.

C.F.L Architects Engineers & Consultants are here to guide you along the way, offering complete Architectural Design services, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Quantity Surveyor services, as well as Consultation Meetings to help encounter the clients’ specific demands and needs.

When renovating a house/apartment or office, there are several factors that need to be considered in order to carry out the job. First of all, we must document the reasons & needs, as well as the budget and time that the client has.

Common Reasons for Renovation

  • Renew and repair the aesthetics of the space
  • Renovation of a house / apartment for rent or sale to increase the value of the property
  • Energy upgrade – (Roof insulation, External thermal insulation – Thermal facade)
  • Installation of “smart” systems – Smart home

Over the years, a person’s needs change, instigating the transformation to their current property. A property’s renovation may be either to change the use of a room, or even to change the layout of the whole house/apartment and/or add new additional spaces.

Whatever the reason, the presence of an experienced specialist, either architect or civil engineer is essential. The expert will start with the design, study of the space, and supervise and coordinate throughout the entire course of the renovation until the final result and delivery.

Some advantages of having an expert designer/architect or civil engineer present in the renovation process include:

  • Making sure the materials selected are up to standards and meet the specifications.
  • Spaces are designed with functionality that require comfortable living.
  • Supervision of the contractor on site for continuous real time updates.
  • Proper planning and budgeting of costs with proposals for more economical solutions
  • Communication with relevant authorities to obtain the proper licenses, permits & property titles required.

Renovating a space is a very personal matter, that’s why it’s necessary to find a partner who fits and fully understands the client’s needs, but also has the expertise in this department.

Here at C.F.L Architects Engineers & Consultants we promise tailor made solutions fitting to your budget, with constant communication & supervision to meet the end goal and ultimately bring your dream space into reality.

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