Design, Implementation & Delivery of your new home

Design, Implementation & Delivery of your new home

A short guided article on designing and constructing your new home.

The process of designing and building a home often seems complicated and hard. The circumstances vary depending on the location, the complexity and the requirements of each project, shaping its degree of difficulty and consequently its planning. 

C.F.L Architects Engineers & Consultants has prepared a brief comprehensive analysis of each part of the whole process from beginning to end. You can find the whole article via our downloadable eBook.

First contact between Architect – Customer

This consists of a meeting between the Architect and the client. Discussing the requirements of the new project, including the techno-economic part, the budget, the budget adjustment with the market values, the timetable and the choice of the plot.

Preliminary Architecture Plans

Having gathered all the information & factors that sum up the project and retaining a clear view on the needs of the owner, the process of designing sketches / plans by the Architect begins. The final result is reached when the Architect himself and the client are pleased. 

Submissions to relevant authorities (Urban Planning Permit – Building Permit)

After the architectural plans are perfected, then the submission is made to the relevant authorities in order to get the appropriate permit to start the building phase.

Studies by the team of Engineers (Structural Design, Electrical Design, Mechanical Design, Energy Efficiency)

The following step is to produce the remaining design studies carried out by a team of Engineers. Their design follows a framework of clarity and simplicity so that it is fully understood by all parties involved in the project.The team of experienced engineers includes: Civil engineer, Electrical engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Energy Performance Study, Quantity Surveyor

Beginning of Construction – Supervision

The appointed Project Manager (either the Architect or Electrical Engineer) will arrange the signing of all relevant contracts as regards construction schedule, implementation with appropriate materials, Construction cost/budget agreement, Construction Site Safety, etc. & then the construction of the house officially begins.

Implementation and Certificate of Project Completion

Communicating with the customer and continuously retrieving information through periodic reports, ensures the image of the project at all times and guarantees the observance of the budget and the schedule. When the project is finalized, the certificate is signed by all the engineers and submitted to the relevant Municipality for the Final Approval.

Delivery to the Owner

The final step in the delivery of the project is the written recording of its quality. Summarizing documents, drawings, technical specifications, photographs, warranties, material results of tests and inspections. The delivery of the key formally marks the delivery of the new home.

At C.F.L Architects Engineers & Consultants, our mission is for every single client to leave our office with a smile on their face and the satisfaction that their needs and desires were dealt with in a functional, efficient and cost-effective way.

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